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Ignite the Leader Within

With opening the portal of space this month, Mother Earth has united with energies of Cosmic Father.

Higher form of Divine Masculine is being poured on the planet right now.

Remember the rule of Duality.

Higher the Light, deeper it penetrates into the darkness to transmute it.

Lower energetic forms are coming on surface to be transmuted.

On country levels, On group level, On individual levels.

There is no separation. Its all part of same field.

Whatever is present within our field- It is our work.

SELF- LEADERSHIP knows how to shift the field from within….as we know the outside is simply reflection of the Self.

The energies of war, attack, win-loss are coming on surface level for everyone at the moment.

The energetic form of - Power Over Others.

And, on the polar side - the energetic form of feeling fear of power(victim).

Gaia is releasing heat from inside clearing solar plexus that has lower masculine and lower feminine frequencies. (& sydney people - enjoy the rain as it is balancing this heat😎)

As we do the work inside, we gift new energetic form of peace and harmony to new light matrix of Gaia raising the frequency of Planet.

Invite higher self to dissolve whatever comes up for you.

Ignite the leader within holding the torch of Courage.

Leading the darkness with love and acceptance within.

We are the Pioneers of the New.

Who are here to create the new from within.

We don’t look outside anyone to Lead us.

We lead our Realities from within.

As we remember, more than ever that we are the One creating our own Reality.

Not those who we perceive outside.

With transmutation of old power imprints, we are anchoring new power grid that is based upon love and wisdom within.

Uniting all that are, we were and we will be.

With love,


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