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There is no co-incident to who we are and where we choose to incarnate in this cycle of evolution.

I remember when i asked this Qs to my higher self and Gaia - “Why did I choose India as my birth place in this timeline?”

I was shown the most incredible vision and the light seeded within Indian consciousness.

I was transported above the earth and saw the country from there in its higher expression……all the states of India - with its own culture, its own language, its own song, its own SOUL.

Do you see the diversity in unity dear one? - My higher self Questioned.

Do you see the blueprint of Oneness seeded here?

Do you see the codes of inter-connectedness across all different parts of the country?

As this blueprint comes online once again, this will seed the golden age of Gaia and also, anchor same energy on planet level.

I saw the rays of light spreading all over the planet and sharing the essence of Indian SOUL with all other countries creating a beautiful network of Light.

Do you see the importance of your mission dear one?

The veils were lifted and path became clear to me in that moment.

I was excited but at the same time freaked out - truth to be told 😇

Because, i also became aware of other side of it. The duality and the level of density it carries……the illusions, the lower grid…all of it.

Surrendering to higher calling, it took me…many months to integrate these codes and download these frequencies on crystalline grid of Gaia. To embody the frequency of my mission.

I am sharing this with you because i see the divine light in you.

A higher purpose in your existence.

A higher calling within your heart.

The pathway to New.

Trust your seeding.

Trust your lineage.

Trust your roots.

And, never forget that Its the privilege of this planet to have you here at this time.

With love,

Terra 🌹

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