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Never put your faith in hands of anyone outside.

More we ground within our own Soul Frequency, more we are called to embrace and anchor diversity at all levels.

Trusting what is arising within each moment is becoming the guiding force even if it feels letting go of everything outside and no one can understand it.

Leaving anyone or anything behind is simply an illusion of mind.

Months back, I remember receiving guidance from within which was so different to what i knew till that point. A New frequency octave was becoming available to me with new reality.

I sat there crying and holding myself……..connecting to council of light that shared the old wisdom that helped me in my evolution…….feeling as if I am betraying them if I open myself to new because it was so different….

Council of light told me - Dear one, Nothing honours us more than seeing you empowered and choosing yourself.

Are you able to meet us in our next version?

Are you able to open yourself to receive a different aspect of us?

No one is leaving anyone here. Just joining again in different frequency and different realm.

This wisdom helped me in those moments to anchor my truth within and paving my own path to what was opening for me.

As we take the journey of evolution, we are not just shifting into different version of self, we are actually shifting into completely different world…..different lifetime and with that, we may not have same relationship with people as we had….we may not resonate what felt true earlier.

If we keep old anchor, we oscillates between two world, not able to ground in anyone.

With each such decision, we are called to embody our inner truth and inner power.

Trust you.

And, the master within you.


With Love,


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