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Mission is not something we do, it is who we are.

Everyone is living this frequency within. Its just some are conscious of it and some unconscious.

As I awakened and remembered more of who I am, I see the totality of my being and how I had been living my mission even since i came here.

Even in 3D unconsciously, I was moving so many energies for collective across Soul themes i chose to.

Remembering the depth of my being gave me opportunity to expand my consciousness into a frequency bandwidth to see multiple realities with broader perception and connect with higher versions of myself to co-create consciously.

3D consciousness is grounded in DOING and constantly looking outside for everything….including purpose or mission.

The Qs to ask is - Who am i if not doing anything outside?

Where my value and worth is attached to outside me ?

These Qs took me to place of Nothingness, being Noone and that is where the greatest shift happened.

Releasing the entire grid of DOING and coming back to natural state of BEING.

The state of being where “Everything” and “Nothing” merge in unity.

The Neutral Zone.

Don’t be afraid to go deeper within.

As that is where deepest alchemy waiting for you.

With Love,


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