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The separation within from Soul,

keeps mind looking for its worth into the ocean of 3D identities through which it seek to recognise itself.

Through this external recognition, the grid of Power is formed based upon status, fame, money etc.

The sense of self is constructed based upon the social identities by Ego.

And, the layer of control is born to keep them alive.

Because, the fear of being NOBODY feels like death to Self.

This is the paradigm where many are stuck and Soul is bringing ample of opportunities to break through it…..

to push the self into its internal light,

to identify with Source within,

to identify the inner worth it is born with.

This will take away all that has been manufactured and sourced from outside to create self identify.

When we release the source of external power, we move through the dynamic of Duality that makes us feel powerless, hopeless and not good enough.

Only through Transmutation of these grids anchored with shame and guilt, we can find the zero point within to redefine and re-claim who we are beyond the 3D construct.

Who you would be if there was no 3D program placed within your consciousness to be “SOMEBODY”?

The Qs that is asked to Soul as soon as it enters into physical realm as child - Who you would be when you grow up ?

is simply a projection and reflection from the ones with no conscious awareness of their purpose and inability to recognise and guide the journey of their co-creation with other soul.

In order to tap into inner worth, we have to take the journey back, first to release all that stands in its way.

So that we can connect back to the pure essence we are, and we always were.

To open the heart once again.

To reclaim our deepest heart desires once again.

To share the bundle of Abundance we are.

Once Again

Take the journey that Soul is co-creating with you.

With love,


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