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Eclipse energies bringing a lot on surface opening the access point to all that is available to us with new timelines.

I spend day processing many layers.....higher the light comes, deeper it penetrates to illuminate the dark.

To witness the glory of self in all colours and be the creator to repaint it all.

Feeling the layers of not good enough....blessing the shame hidden in darker areas.

Seeing the subtle layers how we use identities of Purpose, Mission and Service to feel good about ourselves.

How we feel unworthy of our own existence without being anyone or anything into the world?

Witnessing the inner battle of mind to survive as it wants to hang to all these boxes...

Accepting the inner wealth of my being with all experiences and dissolving it into nothingness once again.

Embracing the depth of emptiness and sacredness of human experience.

The highest timeline of human existence and its potential begins with embracing and acknowledging the divinity of human experience.

As we acknowledge that, we acknowledge the divinity of Mother Earth as we are One.

Tune in and feel into your being beyond the find the truth of your own existence.

Beyond the layers of Achievements, Success, Mission, Service or Purpose.....all of it.

With Nothingness.

How do you feel about you without all of it ?

And, let your being speak to you.

Open the cave within.

Invite the Courage of your Soul.

To release the illusions that creates separation by creating identities or attachment to ideas.

Dissolve it free yourself...

To return to who we all are....

In purity of Heart and Love ❤️


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