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Karvachauth is indian tradition where woman keep fast for the long life of man in her life…without eating or drinking anything untill mid night.

No one in my Mother line followed the custom but as I entered the marriage grid, i felt new expectations in my field by being part of new family.

I never believed in it but followed it almost 10 years of my life because of the guilt inside and fear of not hurting anyone.

And, as i started my ascension journey to embody my Soul expression and Mission, I purged the old grid of marriage and everything that came along with it to serve my divinity and freedom as part of my mission to anchor higher frequencies for collective.

It is interesting today when i went to a shop…..all of sudden shop keeper asked me - Have you done shopping for Karvachauth?

And, it brought this custom back in my consciousness and i could hear my Soul Family to share my experience and message.

I checked the date when is it? And, it is tomorrow……my reaction was “of course”.

So, Why I am writing this today?


Your life doesn’t belong to the Man in your life, his family or even your own family.

At Soul level, they all are supporting your Mission for collective and your evolution journey.

When we truly allow to sink the purpose of relationships deeper, we see how certain themes are playing in our life to awaken our truth…..who we truly are as Goddesses.

By Re-claiming our Freedom, our Sovereignty and our power - we allow others to step into theirs.

And, I know this path is not for everyone. Those who tune to my frequency-you know you are here for a purpose and re-write new grids of Sovereignty.

You have the courage to walk the untraveled path and I am here to remind that.

Many will choose to live into people pleasing and being slave to centuries old energies and frequencies. Because, that is where they feel safe.

And, that is ok.

We honour and activate others freedom of choice equally.

We embody inclusiveness and our own soul frequency to serve at highest.

So, if you feel - the old is not aligned with you.

Listen to those nudges and take the path higher self is guiding with Love for yourself and all.

Liberate yourself and be the beacon of light you are.

I honour you and your presence here.

There is so much love for you.


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