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Let Surrender and Love lead the way.

Two years back, i opened my suitcase to unpack as i returned from NewZealand.

I couldn’t find few of my favourite clothes and they were missing. My mind started tracking within its memories when i wore them last time, where did i kept them in hotel room. It was constantly searching within stored memories to find them in complete restless state. It needed answers. Justification and understanding of what happened and how did I loose it.

I couldn’t stop the thoughts as they were running like non-stop train within my mind for almost 2 days.

In parallel, Manish had similar experience with his Car at home…..creating a reality where his mind was trying to track down what happened to his car battery.

After 2 days, my mind was exhausted, completely tired and finally gave up🙌.

It had no strength to fight with - “WHAT IS”.

Surrender came over in that state to embrace me and my mind.

And, in that state - I accepted(& my mind), everything as is. Its is what is.

I was able to sit with myself with no searching or finding back in my mind. It relaxed.

And, as i did that - Awareness came.

My higher self and team said just one line.

“Do you really think that de-materialising some clothes is a big deal for us.”

I was laughing at the whole thing.

“You needed to play back those mental patterns of searching, sorting and finding within your mind to release them finally. So, we created a little adventure for you and Manish both with your favourite things”.

“Now , let go of all and relax as your mind receives new upgrades to be ok with - What Is and you can embody next layer of divine acceptance frequency in your field”.

We both went through the process and many upgrades to re-configure neurological pathways within our mind to release the old patterns and re-connect to new one to embody new frequencies that were becoming available to us.

I share this with you today because many are going through upgrades and process is very unique to everyone.

Sometimes, we have to play old patterns to release them finally and integrate Soul wisdom through that integration process.

It is important to hold ourselves in unconditional love, rest a lot, hydrate, be in nature - give all kind of nurturing that can support us in these moments.

We are the one who could hold space for our mind and our body who are doing most of the work in this evolution and ascension process.

Invite more self care, more nurturing and compassionate frequencies.

Hold no judgement whatsoever for your own process and journey.



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