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Manifesting New Consciousness

When we focus too much on one goal or intention that corresponds to specific area of life, we create dis-balance of energies within our being. This is simply due to the fact that we are directing all of our energies only in one area.

In old grid, these manifestation strategies worked by using the power of mind to focus and control the energies.

When we create dis-balance of energies, either our own life or collective must balance that energies somehow. This is how 3D girds operate where some have too much and others less. This is simply how collective coming together to balance the overall energies.

As universal grids are open now connecting planet to other star systems, planets or constellation, this also has effect beyond Gaia itself. How we use and direct the energies also create new timelines for collectives beyond this planet.

Though, human Soul can manifest using force and effort to create realities, New Earth grid is anchored into different energies which are holistic in Nature and follow universal law of harmony within and outside.

It is natural when there is intention created within New Earth grid, it summons the energies required to harmonise the energy within Soul before manifesting these desires. And, whatever is required to dissolve the old energies of blockages or suppression starts coming for dissolution. As these energies are dissolved, new energies starts taking place manifesting new consciousness before it appear as physical reality. This is part of natural creation within New Earth grid.

The detachment is simply allowing the process to unfold for highest and letting go of old way of being that still has hang over of mind based techniques.

Observe your own process of creation, and how it is changing. Become the explorer of New Energy. There is no guide book outside you. You are creating it for yourself as you move through the process.

As you allow yourself to be guided and surrender to new process, you will obviously release the layers of control, expectations of what you should have or not, relationship with time creating lack within, old grids of success/failure etc.

Let the New energies take more place within your being and become part of you.


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