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Mastering Law of Duality- Path of a Master within

As the vibration of Gaia is increasing, new energies are taking more and more space into lives of many who are leading the vibrational playground of the New Earth.

One of the biggest shift is to understand how to work with these energies as the laws within which we are living and creating have changed to facilitate the transition and mastering the new energies.

These energies cannot be taught in human ways as they demand full engagement, day to day experience and practice- lets say getting hand dirty on ground 🤓. Specifically for those who are not only creating new vibrationally but also here to guide others.

Law of Duality. That is what I want to share with you today. One of the fundamental law that has become very prominent on planet right now and “must have” to be mastered to neutralise duality within your field to anchor the new state of consciousness that exists beyond it. The place where everything is allowed to be AS IT IS.

Planet Earth is planet where duality can be experienced in all its facet. If a Soul has to incarnate, it chooses male or female body to create its experience. Two Poles of same consciousness. Everything exists within these framework.






Souls choose its own vibrational frequencies to experience whatever it desire to enrich its own inner wealth. At Soul level, there is no rating or separation between any of these poles. Both sides has its own wisdom and various potential to play within. Collective group full of all these energies provide various arrangements within which consciousness experience itself through human container it creates for itself.

As the vibration is increasing, the desire of Soul is to gather all the wisdom and harmonise all the experiences that it has created across all of its lifetime so that it can transcend beyond all it - to open new vibrational container for new experience within 5D consciousness which used to take new incarnation earlier. However, rise within vibration and energies available for physical body transformation has created very unique opportunity within this timeline where Soul can evolve within higher realms and have experiences of living within multiple realms.

Path of this mastery is to understand and alchemise the duality within. The energies that are creating both sides of Poles. This journey is facilitated and guided by Higher self of each being.

Our current 3D society doesn’t have consciousness to perceive the poles this way and hence, structured very differently.  For example. The grounding principle of businesses and corporations is based upon money/profit and increase in numbers each year. It assume everything exists only one side and view life only from that point of view. All systems, structures, rules and guidelines are focused on staying only on one side of the pole and do whatever is needed to keep it that way. This simply creates the dis-balance of energy within collective. If there is increase, there is decrease also. It is natural. If this is taught consciously, the human experience will change drastically and energies can flow in harmony and balance.

If you are on 4D bridge and your consciousness is expanding, you will start observing- how this law is playing in your life. How your own divine being has been facilitating your journey to dissolve the energies linked to these poles so that you can release them forever and rise beyond them.

For example- if you have lived very free form life, you are called to add some structure or routine to your life so that you can experience other side of pole and then, dissolve it consciously when needed.

If you desire deep love, you will move through the situation to experience rejection to meet the other side and dissolve it.

If you desire abundance, you will meet the energies of lack to dissolve them finally.

If you desire freedom, you will meet the energies of suppression, wherever energy is blocked to create more space within your life and call your life force back to you.

If you desire more money, you will meet situations that arises the feeling of being poor within you.

Become Aware and engage with your own process and with your own Inner being.

The transition is not for everyone to lead. You have lived many lives to prepare yourself for this journey. It is time to own this aspect of leader and visionary within you that is paving the path from within.

As you dissolve both sides of the poles, as they both are illusions of 3D, you will find yourself in Neutral place from where you can choose freely whatever you desire. There will be no judgement or evaluation of anything. It is simply energy which has no meaning left within your being. So, you can allow it to be AS IT IS.

It is a space where everything can exist as it is.

Everything is allowed as it is.

This is where you belong my love. And, always has been.🌹


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