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With every new future timeline, we open a new past that may have been dormant until then.

4D bridge and 4D consciousness opens the realms of multiple timelines.

Each version in each timeline is unique and carry its own frequencies across past, present and future.

When we set up new intention to connect to new timeline - things may come up on surface for release that may not make sense to mind at all.

It may feel - Where it is coming from ? I never had these issues before.


I have done so much work on this. Not again. And, it may feel never ending journey sometimes.

As we take journey from 3D to 5D, we are integrating all our parallel realities(past lives) and creation of new timelines to higher realms includes this integration process.

Our higher selfs are guiding this process. So, when we are ready for specific upgrade, we receive new timeline, new vision and also, the parts that are required to be integrated becomes visible from invisible unconscious.

As mind has anchors and references only from linearity, it can’t navigate through this journey alone.

This is a process that can flow gracefully only through heart consciousness.

So, when something shows up, just surrender to release it without trying to understand it, without analysis it, without playing best-worst case scenarios, without trying to fix it or change it.

We are not here to give our energies to old realms of existence and get stuck there.

Whatever is coming, it is coming to be loved, accepted and acknowledge.

To be seen, heard and appreciated.

This is how we are integrating these parts that didn’t receive the love in the first place and created split of separation within our consciousness.

4D is invitation for bringing all of them to home.

To feel whole and complete within so that we can anchor our Soul Frequency here in physical through our body on Gaia.

Be Love,

And, receive all of you from yourself with love.

Shalini Dattana

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