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Multidimensional You - key1

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Years back, when i got into the realm of channeling & have session with Arcturians, I told Manish - “Other version of me has come to support this version of me”.

“It’s all me. There is no one out there”.

This was the first awareness that got activated in my field firing the code of remembrance from within.

Even though no one could relate to what I was receiving including the person channeling, I trusted my own voice coming from within.

Evolution is journey of TRUSTING your own Energies and ALLOWING all of your energies to SERVE you.

REMEMBERING who you truely are…beyond this one life.

All of you - your Multi-Dimensional Presence, Your own essence, your own energies are here to facilitate YOUR BECOMING.

Remember- Its all you….Right here, with you.



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