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Multidimensional YOU - Key3

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Energies has changed. Not in a small ways…..but in drastic ways.

Portal of time was opened in Feb 2020 pulling all inwards. The trajectory of timelines and energies from parallel realities opened the possibilities many were waiting for lifetimes.

Mass consciousness manifested it as CV to be within their homes… look within. Nothing is co-incident.

Many maximise the opportunity to transmute the old, collapsing many personal, ancestral and collective timelines changing the history of planet and opening the doorway to where we are today with NEW ENERGIES.

NEW ENERGIES are about “YOU”.

“YOU” are the centre of your existence, your consciousness - I AM.

Humanity has been conditioned to take responsibility of others….to think about others.

I invite you to sit today and really honest with yourself - How many thoughts are about others within your consciousness?

Family, friends, clients, or anyone……

Old grid was about feeding to others through our energies. Others live within our consciousness and we unconsciously give our energies to whatever identities we have created within or however we perceive others.

This is how we are giving our energy and power away to others.

And, it doesn’t matter if you do this under the concept of Service. Same pattern.

New Energies are here to promote YOUR BECOMING.

YOU are the main focus of your SOUL. Not others. They have their Soul to do that for them.

Your Passion, Your dreams, Your desires, Your Vision, Your Mission and YOUR EVOLUTION - This is what your Soul is here for.

So, To Bring your energies back to you is the most important task of the Soul at the moment.

This is only way to be back in your Power as you reclaim the Sovereignty of your Energy and then creates everything with ease and effortless place as there is no lack within. No fight, No tussle, No conflict within and hence, outside.

This is how we are opening to infinite light that flows as abundance from the place of complete freedom.

And, all the energies that are available to you via physical or non-physical dimension are here to Serve that.

Allow Energies to Serve You.

Everything that is coming your way now is to Integrate all aspects of you so you can bring all of you back home.

It is the consciousness that is working now to evolve and expand itself.

ALLOW IT. There is nothing to do here.



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