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Multidimensional You- Key4

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Eons back Gaia’s light body and physical body got separated created lower 3D consciousness on the planet.

It was never the intention to experience separation to the extent we see on planet right now but collective manifested this reality interestingly as part of Atlantis experiment.

This has caused separation at all levels within human experience. We experience this split within self, within our mental, emotional & spiritual body.

With New Energies, we are bringing back the wholeness within, integrating light body with physical body.

Gaia is taking her journey to bring her light body and physical body back to create new platform of creation for Souls.

It is obvious that old human body configuration and human experience can’t sustain itself in its old form on a moving and evolving planet because we are living within planet.

Its like someone living within your body and if your body is going through change, everything inside it, has to take that journey.

For masses, the process is being facilitated in a very slow way….everyone is changing in whatever way they can adapt. And, this is the only way to harmonise with the new energies of the planet.

Many are choosing to transition also as their bodies are not able to sustain in new higher frequencies. Higher self is facilitating whatever is best for the Souls.

There are also those who has come to lead this evolution journey for collective and to assist Gaia’s planetary physical body transformation.

Our physical body is connected to Gaia’s physical body. So, our transmutation of old densities is clearing planetary physical body opening pathway for individual and Gaia‘s light body integration.

As we integrate these bodies, our old mental patterns, old emotional patterns, old behaviours, old energies- all are coming on surface to be transmuted to recalibrate our entire physical structure to new operating system that is coming online with new platform of existence.

Energies are already here and becoming available to everyone choosing New automatically. There is nothing to do for that. All is here for you and it is remembering being part of the planet. We are ONE with her.

Our work is letting go of the old. Letting go and surrender to the what is becoming available to us in the moment.

Allowing ourselves to let go of resistance to change or mental ideas or expectations how it should be.

Each day, each week.... different energies are at play and your higher self is facilitating exactly what you need for your evolution and your ultimate creation - New You. New human.

Enjoy the journey.

With love,


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