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Multidimensional You - key5 🔑

Updated: Jan 10, 2023


The foundation of New You.

Trust yourself.

Not anyone or anything outside.

Bringing the energy of Trust inward.

On self.

Re-claiming your own Power, your own Sovereignty.

It all comes back to Trust.

3D consciousness is embedded with the programming of placing trust outside. On people, within structures, within systems, within certain identities - so called experts, ideals, role models, channelers, spiritual identities, God, Entities, within process and practices - as cards, Crystals, ceremonies, visualisation…..list goes on.

Anything outside is simply an anchor point or reference point created by Mind.  

Who you are and what you have… not because of anyone or anything outside you.

Mind love to create dependency and hold on to…whatever it can grab because it is afraid of unknown.

It is afraid of Trusting the self.

The duality of Right or Wrong keeps mind stuck in some safety guard other than self.

Underneath is deep deep fear of True Power for some people.

Bring the energy of trust back in yourself. You can never get anything wrong.

Open the doorway to your own divinity.

It is obvious that you may feel in the beginning- Am I doing it Right? What if I am making it all up….Its all good. Allow them and move beyond them.

It is this energy of Trust on Self that opens the hidden gem within you. The skills, the gifts, the abilities you have access in another life - all of them will start showing up and will become available to you once again.

It is simply allowing & accepting the vibration again.

The other factor of bringing Trust back in yourself  - It will also open the threads of polarity within - Energy of Betrayal.

Don’t be afraid as it shows up. It is simply coming to be fully transmuted so that you can be all that you are.

Allow and Accept these aspects also to integrate the wisdom that your Soul carries now because of all these experiences.

Let the energy of duality serve you.



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