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Multidimensional You - key7

Updated: Jan 10, 2023


New earth abundance is holistic in Nature. Once embodied and fully active, it works in all aspects of life.

3D abundance grid is limited to certain boxes and mind perceive or categorise it based upon certain results or outcomes. The foundational energy pattern here is - Being Successful or Achievements. The standards set outside.

5D Abundance is simple. It is inherent energy that is available to all. So, there is no such thing as success or achievements because- It is foundation of individual or society experience.

Here everything is created or co-created for experience. Creation has no conditions or expectations because it is unconditional.

To become unconditional with our creations, we have to become unconditional with ourselves first. Only then, this energy can be anchored and flow in anything we create.

This is why all the energies are facilitating the Integration of New and releasing the old at the moment, so that we can open our field fully to receive who we truly are.

Take your time in these last few days to Integrate all that is available to you now.

Enjoy the ride to all that is coming and already anchored by you in 2023.

Receive gracefully.



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