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Multidimensional You - key8 🔑

Duality is foundation of every creation within 3D - Every structure, systems, ideas, concepts, teachings….all of it.

And, Spirituality is no exception to this.

Old grid of Spirituality is dead as it was never designed to facilitate the embodiment of multidimensional expression.

It was never the intent or purpose of it.

As Souls are walking the path on 4D to integrate the different aspects of self, it is natural to come face to face with this aspects that we call spiritual in earthly language.

It is important to accept it, allow it and integrate the wisdom of it.

At the same time, allow yourself to move beyond it.

It is not here to stay in any form or shape.

Living in any box is the story of the old grid and we are here to create something new.

Allow your higher self to open the bridge within you to the new, that you are here to anchor.

The divine truth of your being.

Your uniqueness.

Your individuality.

The Master of New within.

With love,


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