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Natural Power In the New Earth Grid🌏

What power means to you? And, more than that how you feel it inside you? What creates this experience within your consciousness?

There are so many movements around women empowerment right now on planet spanning across many areas, many industries that has origin within old grid of Earth.

These initiatives may look service based or good cause on surface level within physical dimension view point, however, most of them are grounded within dualistic nature of creation.

What does that means? Everything on this planet exists with polarities. Everything has two sides that are always balancing each other energetically. This is universal law that is becoming even more prominent as Earth raises its vibration continuously.

So, if we put and drive energy to strengthen one pole, it will draw energy to magnify the other side of the polarity also.

There is malevolent energy behind these movements that are driving the women consciousness towards power and leadership that is anchored within lower masculine grid and creating duality of powerlessness at the same time within collective consciousness….simply because the feminine nature and organic power is different to what has been publicised or promoted within collective through various means of success, & achievement using old energies templates.

Right now, Gaia and collective is in Evolution and Ascension timeline which is being leaded by divine feminine energy within each person. This is bringing higher potential of this creation energy to create organic structures within New grid. The power within is a very different frequency in this grid and is not dependent on anything outside. Simply, because, the frequency itself is Sovereign and independent in nature. It is simply experience of being Creator and having access to its own life force to create whatever is in alignment. It doesn’t seek or trying to prove anything to anyone.

Humanity blueprint has been taken away from its original design so much and now, these potential are being heightened even more to create distractions or direct energy away from natural evolution energies that has become available.

Discernment is the key to navigate these realities and integration with higher self to raise vibration to embody higher potentials as well as to raise the awareness to perceive whatever is shown outside.

More we focus on self and integrate our true essence, more we activate the power within and release the grids that are keeping humanity within illusions creating sense of power.


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