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Yesterday Gaia’s Merkaba has pulled another layer of new creation energy. New templates of how we experience this energy through our physical body are shifting along with how we relate to co-creation with each other.

With this new energy, old template of creation energy(that drives action) are also coming on surface to purge out. In old grid, creation energy is experienced through mental layer with DOING Program.

I started feeling it early hours within sleep as mind became active and body started responding with lot of energy with urge to do something……as if all of sudden i had so much energy today that i can finish so many things…woohoo.

And, then i received the guidance in meditation NOT TO DO Anything Today and rest in Nature as i connected the dots to understand what was actually happening energetically.

We are purging the another layer of DOING Energy through mental layer as new creation energies start integrating.

Its easy to get caught up in old ways if not connected and flowing with inspiration.

Receive what is available with these new energies that are here to create purely with the oneness of heart and inner inspiration.

With Love,


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