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No responsibilities

No obligations

No goals

No ambition

No wants or desires

The level of freedom and abundance i am experiencing can never be put into words because there is no language for it.

The embodiment of our infinite nature lies in our ability to let go of all those finite boxes we have defined for ourselves.

Last month, when many were feeling separation, I was receiving upgrades for oneness. Gaia was resetting the frequency for what is coming ahead.

The tone has been set to anchor abundance to assist humanity to rise above survival programming.

April is bringing all these frequencies.

Here is the thumb rule - Anything familiar...any teachings, any ideas, any beliefs, any emotions(good one too)

Transmute it all. There is no place for old anymore. Even if it has been taught by others you perceive having it all. Its all illusion.

Lead your own timeline.

What you are here to embody is very unique to you and this is why it can be only felt within.......can never be received from others.

The paradigm how we perceive abundance is shifting with new octaves of frequency.

It is as expansive as our nature of being infinite light.

And, when we embody that - it brings that light holistically in life.

Not just in one area....all areas of life fills with enriched expression of abundance.

Because, they are One.

There was never and there is no separation.

Embody You.

The Source of all that is.

With love,


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