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Path of a Master

Energy is always moving whether we perceive it or not. In physical dimension, due to density being so low, things seems fixed and rigid. And, that is the purpose of this dimension. Fixed and rigid structures along with various belief systems create the experience of limitation and lack.

In 5D, we experience free flow of energy and it is constantly moving. That means, our realities are always changing to create ever expanding growth, learning and creation. It is realm of infinite possibilities where we experience each day with differing energies and vibrations.

That also means, constant change is normal and each day can shape differently. There is no concept of regular routine, planning, preparation or organising anything in advance. That concept is not known here.

Our physical body contains resistance to change. What is unknown creates fear or insecurity within. It destabilised the entire system if we are faced with such situation.

This is why 3D Physical body, its nervous systems and mind programming cannot enable the access to 5D.

5D can be opened up only via Divine self of each being and it requires tremendous transformation to upgrade the physical structure to whole new level and being able to live in totally different ways. Access and transformation is managed by many beings, teams and councils working with council of light.

Many are in preparation phase of moving to this new dimension right now. The preparation phase begins with dissolving all the old structures, belief systems and programming so that human operating system can be congruent to New Environment.

It is no small task and require tremendous amount of energy and lots of experience in day to day practical life to let go of the old and capture the new.

It is important to take this journey to grasp and understand the new to create security and safety within. 5D is realm of complete Independence, freedom and abundance. So, any threads where you are still anchored in physical to create these elements outside and hence, dependencies will go through complete cleanse.

Trust and allow your path to unfold as guided by higher self.

More you can lean into safety of your own divine being, easy it would be.

As old starts dissolving, it may seems that things are moving away from you - people, places, your dreams, and other things. It may feel that you are losing instead of moving towards what you wanted. It is normal to experience these states. Allow yourself to process these emotions so that they can dissolve finally. Always come back to Inner being to seek for answers if something is not clear.

You will never lose anything that i can assure you. You will meet everything again in New energy and New vibration. What you are losing is - old thought structures, beliefs and energy patterns that simply keep the physical body density low.

Everything will be there is another form as you allow yourself to move through this transition.

Whatever belongs to you in your core can never be taken away from you.

You are extremely honoured and adored in depth by many who are walking your side by side and always there to support you. Always reach out to your own non physical team wherever need any support.

There is so much love for you.


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