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Pathway to Source Energy

With new energies, our pathway to Source Energy are changing. We are releasing the conditions that creates the distortion and separation between us and Source Energy. This is to enable our access to our birth right to abundance of our being. The vibrational container that we created for ourselves before we came here that exists in physical and non-physical form.

Eons back, when planet was controlled by lower consciousness for its own purpose, the hierarchy was set up to create the energy flow within matrix that benefits only few. 

This gave birth to what we perceive as 2-98% outside. It is 2% of the people who actually hold the ownership of the entire energy of human population and create timelines that are being lived by others or chased by others. 

These 2% human consciousness has specific DNA disposition that enable them to create using human energy for their benefit. One of the reason for that is their own inability to be able to create themselves as they don’t have the Creation ability aligned to Gaia’s structure. So, they create using mental energy and human emotional energy. The timelines are created within collective field which are being followed by majority of humans with their emotional investment to direct their energy towards these timelines with illusion of having power, money and fame as Success. 

The energies of these timelines are very lower and dense as that is what is required for this DNA to thrive and evolve. This is why most of the human environment is kept within dense realities and plenty of holographic realities are created energetically within human consciousness to keep this density alive. 

Though this density benefits these 2%, it is detrimental to human divine plan and structure. And, it keeps away humans to access their direct connection to Source Energy and Creator consciousness to create for themselves as per Soul’s plan. 

As we transition from this lower consciousness to 5D energy platform, we are purging these densities to activate new structure within ourselves. The Ascension codes are assisting humanity to activate its original structure that is in alignment to Gaia’s structure so that we can be in harmony to our Planet and Universal Energies. It is also assisting our physical bodies to upgrade its structure to create harmony within mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body so that we can use all of our structure to tap into Creative power within rather than creating through mind. 

Allow yourself to be guided by your higher self on this journey as it is leaded by the higher consciousness in a way that serve the evolution of each individual Soul to have desired physical experience within existing structure and to navigate the path of the new by its own journey and experience. 


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