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Planetary leadership - way to the new

There is lot of buzz around AI technology that has been introduced within world some time back. And, yes it has potential to serve the humanity in so many different ways.

Having said that, knows this, without consciousness nothing can serve for highest good.

There are two parallel timelines running on planet right now.

Human collective investing more energy and resources to advance its existence through technology and connected new creations/projects.

On surface, they are influencing the human need to have more time, more profits, more productivity & more efficiency.

At deeper level, it is about control, power & creating more dependencies outside.

When we feel that we don’t have enough time or money or need to do more, - we are simply rooted in lack and creating more potential and solutions from same Vibration.

Second thing what i would like to bring in your awareness is - there is program of self destruction within 3D consciousness. It is human species that can take its own life or life of others. This energy manifest in different forms on planet. Have you ever thought to leave the planet because it has become so chaotic?

So, no matter what symbol or form of power is given to humans, it tend to open the potential of self or other destruction by using it for personal gain.

This is karmic timeline of Atlantis power play that is coming on surface for many to clear.

Be conscious of it. And, use what is available in alignment and Release addiction or dependencies on outside. Your Energy is not for stealing in any form and it is your responsibility to honour and respect it.

When you don’t know how to navigate, connect to higher self and surrender to the inner guidance that always knows the path beyond right or wrong or any logic.

Now, there is another parallel timeline that is also available on planet for those who are ready.

Crystalline light technology. It is technology within. So called inner technology. Light body that got separated from physical body within Atlantis era is also returning back.

The dream of many since last many thousand years is already here and you came for this. To ground this new potential to strengthen this timeline for planet.

This timeline will release all dependencies on external technology and will create new planetary technologies that will work with Gaia’s light body and crystalline grid connecting the planet and humanity in ways no one can perceive through mind.

However, those who have lived within 5D consciousness on this planet, their Souls knows the potential and possibilities deep down. It runs deep within your cells. And, you can access it only when you have enough higher vibration, trust and safety within.

This project is being guided by council of light and galactic federation of light with divine being of Souls who are here to pave the path for new.

This timeline also bring enough consciousness on planet that will significantly change the influence of even other parallel timeline to serve everything at highest good for evolution and development of human civilisation in alignment to new planetary consciousness.

Choice and power always belongs to us. We are the one creating it all.

It is even more important to do the work that we came here to do. And, it starts going inward and taking full responsibility for every timeline or threads of lack, insecurities or limitations.

This is the focus of each Soul right now.

We are not aiming to create just new better world. Those are the dreams of old human.

You didn’t came here to create just better life. You came here to create NEW LIFE, NEW HUMAN AND NEW WORLD.

And, it is the mission of your I AM, your consciousness.

Let it lead the way and have human take back seat.

It is time🌎


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