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In last few weeks, a lot has been transformed and grounded within planetary grids that will pave the path of many next years.

Feb 2022 - The energies of merging dimensions landed on the planet following the full reconnection with Source.

There energies opened the portal for balancing the divine feminine and divine masculine on the planet which many experienced in different ways.

This also brought lower power energies on the surface to clear. Many played these timelines once again to close the old karmic threads for highest.

We have observed that within our personal, group and/or collective holographic realities.

It was all divine…simply paving the path for what has become available in last few days.

All that has moved and cleared throughout the months has facilitated the restoration of much awaited energies for New Earth Creation.

“Divine feminine- Temple of creation” has been fully re-anchored within Inner plane now that will open the new timelines of creations for many as the next platform of existence.

It has been my honour to co-create with Gaia and many Ascended Masters who were facilitating this journey as part of our Mission.

I witnessed thousands of snakes as guardians of the temple which represent the seat of kundalini energy.

Gaia’s womb technology is going through major upgrades since last few days to allow the primal energy of creation to become available to human once again.

Womb technology is the chamber of creation on this planet and many aspects of it has been closed since last 26000 years for safety reasons.

Those who are fully connected with ascension timeline of Gaia will feel upgrades within Sacral and root centres as these new energies start flowing through you.

This is also the path to restore the original template of abundance and prosperity that will release the co-dependency on Money and illusion of artificial abundance created by Matrix.

New Era has begin and its here.

Enjoy the ride 🌊

With love,


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