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Portal of love within

Portal of Love within.

The growth needs to be acknowledged yet not at the cost of devaluing the past or older aspects of self.

All is created within the ocean of consciousness with same love even though it may not be felt like that within physical experience.

Valuing one over the other is the fundamental vibration where 3D creates the separation. It is the hierarchy energy that is experienced within and outside.

On the path of evolution, it is natural that we will find ourselves growing and bringing new aspects as we heal and integrate the old one. At the same time, it is important to acknowledge the importance and accept the past as it is. With unconditional love and its contributions to evolution of consciousness.

Once we can harness this vibration of unconditional love within ourselves, we can bring it outside from the oneness of our multi-dimensional expression where each version is honoured and valued equally.

This is the only way we can bring new Value system in society where each and everyone is accepted, honoured and valued no matter what experience they have chosen to experience.

We can perceive the contribution of each Soul to collective when we are grounded with this vibration of love within.

The journey is always inside. The portal of self that opens various realities to experience its own creation, its own versions, its own relation to all that is.

And, in this love - the harmony between past, present and future is experienced in NOW. With no separation.

The key to Unity consciousness and Oneness.


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