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Prosperity of the New Era

For eons, humanity has believed that abundance is dependent on Money which is illusion created by the Matrix.

Money has been created as Source within physical dimension(outside us) which you must earn by doing something.

At energy level, this translates as - unless you give your energy, you wouldn’t receive material abundance.

Within history of earth, there were hybrid beings that created slavery and manipulated human DNA to get the work done needed to access earth resources. This slavery didn’t mean that people didn’t have things for their physical lives. In fact, they were provided everything that was needed to create relevant abundance because those who were leading the work understood the importance of energy provided by human.

Today’s financial and economic system is founded on same energy pattern. It is same vibration that has taken different form and manifested as various belief systems and physical structures.

The foundation of all this is - to use and to direct human energy into artificial matrix to create the systems, structures and physical realities that benefits to only few on the top.

On energy level, it is human energy that is back bone of current dollar which is used as medium to circulate it as needed by those who are in power.

Imagine billions of people going to work each day and creating all physical things and then, they have to pay to access what has been created through their own energy.

To keep people in this artificial matrix, many beliefs and energy patterns are created through astral plane connecting human pleasure frequency to these creations.

These timelines may create illusion of abundance but ultimately remain within current system that is simply siphoning the human energy and also leading to artificial Ascension matrix placed within this structure.

Our Source of Creation can’t never be outside us. Those who are leading the NewEarth timeline are here to dissolve the old patterns attached to money and clear this vibration within them to access it as Source energy that is always available to them as part of their Earth experience.

This requires fundamental shift in vibration to perceive all that we have is because of our connection to Source field not because of money or anyone outside us.

It is our connection to universal energy that is creating everything and meeting us in various forms of abundance is each NOW moment and money is simply one of them.

It is taking ownership of our energy and bringing this frequency of prosperity within.

As we embody this new state of consciousness, the illusion of giving & receiving dissolves and we become part of flow that is always available to us.

If you are ready, intend to dissolve your connection to old matrix and allow your divine self to activate new prosperity grid that is available within you and within planetary grid now. There is unique wealth vibration present within your Soul Blueprint that can be only accessed from within to remember how abundant you are, you always were and you always will be.

With love,


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