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Quantum threads of new leadership

There are multiple frequencies of leadership available on planet right now.

Due to many realms, Souls has brought diversity to serve & lead at highest across many timelines.

These frequencies may not look traditionally what human mind associates to leadership as such.

Because, general idea of leadership is to lead people.

There is new consciousness that is taking place on planet that is leading beyond time space realities and bridging multiple worlds across many versions of planet altering its fabric at core.

Those who has these codes knows how to bridge the past, present and future through quantum architecture weaving a new platform of existence.

They know how to lead through their multi-verses bringing new energies and be the source of the new.

They know how to tap into future potentials and influence the consciousness of planet in that direction creating new energy patterns for collective.

They know what Gaia is bringing as new light matrix and are able to surrender to the divine path as planetary leader in co-creation with her.

There is so much more available now if we allow ourselves to be guided by our own divinity and open ourselves to access the multiple aspects of self that are coming forward from our Soul lineage to serve us in this magnificent creation.

We, those are leading the NEW, are in the most amazing journey of our lifetimes that will happen Only Once.

For most of us, this is our last lifetime on Earth so we have called Big plans for self that can never be perceived or understood through mind or human aspect of our existence.

So, I invite you to allow surrender to the vibration plan that your consciousness is paving beyond this lifetime and beyond time space reality that you are aware of.

Allow yourself to trust and open for this transition period to the new.

The path will never ever look like others. Rest in that knowing for deeper allowing.

And, yes, Trust and safety issues will come up and let them be revealed so that they can be released finally and you can step into your true purpose with inner knowing and Sovereignty of your being that can take you beyond dependencies of human dimension.

We are not here to change, to fix or to save anyone or anything.

We are here simply to move beyond collective realities to expand our consciousness to include what Gaia has already anchored as 5D consciousness.

Its already here.

Open for it.

Choose it

And, simply let your consciousness lead the way.

The days for human aspect to lead this journey are over. Allow that has been long due for you. Ease and Effortless creation. In the New.


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