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This moon came with so much magic.

Received the codes of Heart Service from princess Diana as Queen of the Heart.

ISIS shared the frequencies of her Queen inheritance as Earth Kingdom and how she merged with Earth singing her song each day.

I am forever grateful for the connection that i share with the multidimensional existence of sisterhood lineage supporting my mission and service.

Those who lived before me,

walking the path with me,

and also, those who will come after me.

Having lived as Queen on Earth in my earlier incarnations, i am here to re-claim my divine inheritance as my service to Gaia and our people with our original template of kingdom and service.

As a living prayer to Earth, Elementals, her kingdoms and people.

By walking side by side to re-create the magic of love that we have lived once.

The love within our heart as our abundance that permeated in everything throughout our existence celebrating heavens and earth as ONE.

And, I know many are feeling it once again, many are calling it each day.

I see you all.

I feel you all.

The frequencies are here, available through Soul and Earth Star Portal.

And, I am excited to receive the guidance today to hold another container early next year specially for Women who are here to lead the path of their sacred mission, evolution and ascension of Gaia to anchor higher realms of existence.


With love,


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