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Re-Alignment of grids within Gaia Sophia

When Atlantis fall happened, humanity sink into lower timeline which was hierarchical in nature. With this consciousness, humanity manifested the realities of tribes, kingdoms and empires with someone to lead or rule.

Our current government structure is continuation of same. One global or One government which was introduced within collective consciousness was just another step to centralise the hierarchy across globe with global leadership/ownership of human energy.

With current grid changes inside the core of Gaia and universal time grid, the timeline reversal has been done to meet the vibrational realities that were available on planet before Atlantis fall. It was collective held together within love based frequency and its creation was also manifested through the collective grid. Many beings from different civilisation with different DNA came together to seed the civilisation.

The timeline reversal is a manifestation of collective vibration where we as collective have reached. With new higher vibration and consciousness available on planet, we will see new energies becoming available to everyone as best suited to align with new collective based grid.

This is not a co-incident to take place before Lion Gateway…as portal will open the new timeline of Mission for those who are leading evolution and ascension of humanity at fore front. There will be rearrangement or realignment done within Mission timelines for many to bring new community based consciousness that will lead the creation of Planetary cities of light as chosen by Gaia and higher human consciousness in co-creation with planet and universal grid to align with the original structure.

What we can expect is dissolution of old realities/energies of Mission, Service templates to align with new energies. See it as timelines taking new shape and trust the process. We are going where we have not been before so observe & assist the mind to take the leap as you move through these energies.

It is common to loose the resonance with old people, projects, circles, groups etc as we transition to new. This Is energy re-aligning to direct itself towards our own individual plan that is embedded within collective divine plan.

Always attune to higher self as guided and trust the process.


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