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When Gaia was seeded, many civilisations from universe came forward to contribute their DNA with intention to create the most advance and the most diverse civilisation.

The keys to our power of creation was hidden within double helix of our 12 strand crystalline DNA and our earth body was the doorway to access it. There is unique and very powerful coded configuration hidden within our crystalline body that works with our 12 energetic Centres.

For centuries, our DNA and access to our own body has been manipulated and suppressed via many ways. This is how our power has been controlled and used for external purposes.

The truth is that as human we had been living in mind and never lived fully in our body. The lower consciousness created based upon fear and survival never allowed the higher self to land within physical body and take space here on Earth.

Not only this, the whole life style sold to collective is to keep them in mind created realities and outside of self. All distractions are simply to keep us outside to be unknown to what power we actually possess. Because, if humanity evolves and discover the truth of their existence- it can’t be controlled and used by others for their purpose.

Now, with higher energies and waves of ascension- the programs, templates and emotions are being transmuted to release lower consciousness to create space for new awareness and our inherent truth.

The dormant DNA is getting activated with memory from lifetimes to be re-integrated giving access to gifts, talents and skills from within to create new timelines.

Its firing the codes from within to expand our consciousness to see what has been hidden for so long to reclaim our freedom, our abundance and our power.

Our Earth body is the crystalline light technology that is enabling our access to higher realms, our higher expression and our true potential as civilisation.

Re-claim your body and your true heart feelings.

And, know that it is the most magical key of this universe.

The value of it can never be described in words. It is the feeling to be cherished from within only.

With love ❤️


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