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Re-writing the history and meeting the truth in new form.

As Gaia’s vibration is increasing, we are going to meet the history in new form.

Every reality is multi-dimensional in nature and can be perceived through many perceptions.

As planet slipped more and more into 3D consciousness, human energy became source of creation through mental body for Reptilian consciousness residing within the inner core of Gaia. Human were seeded with their DNA so changing human consciousness through mind technology and program it to what was needed for these beings to create dense environments for their purpose was not much of a task.

Reptilian beings have different structure so to create through human structure, human structure needed to be changed and modified to be in alignment with their creation process. This is now mental body started becoming stronger through their influence and manifestation process through mental body was introduced on the planet.

Gaia’s organic creation process is through the womb technology and it is strength of divine feminine present within each human(Man or Woman).

As the modification of human structure took place over the decades, the suppression of divine feminine aspect became more prominent on the planet. Through this ability and connection with emotional body, it was not possible for reptilian race to create through human energy.

Hence, the women consciousness was manipulated in various ways to create new structure and seed new energies within collective to weaken this feminine energy within.

In the early stages, it was religion and spiritual teachings that ruled the planet. So, it became very easy medium to spread new energies to weaken the feminine power on the planet.

Religious teachings like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Story of Jesus etc were modified to create new timelines within collective to dismantle the power of feminine and manipulate women consciousness to suppress their inherent natural Power of creation.

This also created new timelines of creation through masculine energies and mental body and the energy of planet was directed in this direction to use human energy for the purpose needed.

The entire physical dimension and all that has been created is seeded through this lower consciousness. We may see lot of chaos outside at the moment but it dis-mantling all that is simply not organic and can not exist is new energy that is bringing harmony and original creation back.

What we see on surface is what is taking place within this reptilian consciousness - weakening its structure and strengthening of human structure back to its original form.

As individual increase their own vibration, truth is presented in new form and history is met in new light to re-assemble our inner technology to its original point of creation.

Gender separation is not outside us. It is consciousness that has been living within us. And, it is simply one of the way human structure has been manipulated. As we reassemble our original structure by bringing harmony within - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, we will transcend all the issues that exists within 3D consciousness.

It is this process of evolution and ascension that is creating new pathway to the dimension that already exists here. And, it is choice to be made by everyone to choose this path or continue to Live in the old. Both are available now in parallel. And, power is in our hand now to choose what we want.


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