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Yesterday, my galactic and Inner Earth Family asked me to grid a specific Tree in middle of a tourist place in Gross Valley.

It was co-creation with the Tree to anchor the frequencies into that place so anyone visiting there can receive the codes.

Later in the evening, I sat reflecting on my journey and mission, feeling so much gratitude for everything.

I still remember when I had my first session with Arcturian Council of light and I started mentoring with them - I battled with self worth for weeks. How can I be this person, they keep telling me about ?

My mind challenged me to receive what was in front of me. “Who am I ?”

I had done nothing yet. I had no big success. No one knows me.

How can i be worthy of receiving from higher councils of light and work directly with them?

No matter what, they kept pouring their unconditional love and I kept leaning into everything that came on surface for healing to Integrate my own soul fragments from many life times creating inner conflicts.

More I surrendered and allowed, more veils of illusions started dropping.

And, I could see the construct of 3D very clearly.

The structure based upon success, fame, power and money.

And, how it is crafted with hierarchy system.

You can’t get to one level without going to the one perceived below it.

There is perfect linear system created to prove your worth to get to the next level.

And, humanity is conditioned into it from early age.

Can’t get to higher rank class within school without proving your grades.

Can’t go to university without schooling.

Can’t get the job without university graduation.

Can’t get promotion without further education or whatever criteria is.

Can’t be successful without years of experience, without hard work.

Can’t be good enough at anything without paying your dues for it.

The list continues....

There are levels and eligibility criteria defined in each area of 3D life existence.

This holographic reality is created by Control forces to use human energies for their own purposes.

There are those who has all the power and controlling everything.

And, there are those on other side, who has to walk this ladder to prove their worth to receive anything.

This will continue as long as we play within this holographic reality.

The only way out is - To do the Inner work and release the hierarchy system imprints from our own consciousness.

And, shift into a reality of Love and Unity - which is a parallel reality available to those who accept the call of their Soul to step out the collective grid.

I share this with you because, I am not the only one who felt that way when I was invited for something bigger than what my mind was able to perceive at that time.

95% people on this planet will face same inner battle due to the collective grid structure and the way we have lived for centuries.

And, in those moments, those who will still follow the guidance of their Soul rather than falling into the illusion will lead the path ahead.

I am forever grateful to Arcturian Council of Light, My dear friend Livia and my partner Manish who always encouraged me to continue expanding my capacity to receive unconditional love and keep doing the inner work no matter what.

And, it is because of that love - I get to embody my mission, service and rewrite the history of this planet in ways I could have never imagined.

Always remember, Higherself is always opening least resistance path for our highest potential because it can see far beyond our mind can see.

For me, it was saying yes to this journey and releasing the collective grid of what I perceived as Success or even Impact and who I had to be to serve my mission.

Whatever it is for you, its always available in the depth of your heart as a gift from your Soul.

Receive it from that place.

And, Accept the Invitation.

The journey from here is only about -




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