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Mind wants to believe that our visions, our desires are coming from us - This version of our existence.

But, when we remember the great mystery of our existence taking this journey of Evolution from lower to higher dimension -

We see the play ground of our multidimensional existence.

We see the pull from our higher version towards a new reality and how these visions are poured into our heart to create the threads of connections between parallel realities that are already defined and exists in higher realms.

Knowing this, we can see the illusion of mind that plays the old ancient patterns of - “I am not there yet, I am behind, I am not doing enough etc etc”

The journey within consciousness can never be anchored into physical action coming from the version feeling lack.

It is only great mystery of heart, trust and surrender that can lead this path of our own unfolding anchoring higher frequencies.

The path that we already chose before we came here.

The path that our higher self is already driving and orchestrating with everything that is ever needed.




This timeline is all about receiving.

As it is already available

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