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With May energies, Gaia received much awaited full reconnection to Source.

This opened up the potential to anchor new relationship of divine masculine and divine feminine.

How we related to these frequencies within is being re-written for many anchoring new timelines.

With these upgrades, I closed karmic cycle of many many lifetimes balancing masculine and feminine within me in new ways.

The inner battle, the struggle, the unconscious chase - & so much more just left the field.

And, I am here. Fully Here. Resting in my body like never before.

I closed a big part of my life mission and a big chapter of my life.

To welcome the new.

With so much peace in nothingness.

Feeling home with emptiness.

Birthing a new way of woman.

Curious, excited for whatever unfolds, however it unfolds with no attachment or expectations with river of patience flowing through me like never before.

Its new yet feel so familiar........the forever unfolding mysterious within us.


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