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With ascension journey, we are remembering once again what actually love is by re-claiming our Sovereignty.

In 3D realities, love is something that is perceived outside that we must achieve by doing something.

It is filtered through this condition in the deep unconscious creating templates of living life with co-dependency.

As we start re-claiming our energy back to honour self over others or anything outside, these old grids starts crumbling.

We turn inward to remember the source of love within and we connect to this flow by connecting to our higher self and soul family who hold unconditional love even in the moments we can’t feel it as we take this human journey.

The biggest challenge comes in feeling emotions that has been denied, ignored and buried deep inside for centuries and labeled as low or bad emotions……creating another layer of shame to even allow them to come on surface.

The conditioning to shame the feelings of powerlessness, hopelessness and not good enough.

The sign of being weak to experience them.

Duality plays its role here within us.

Powerful and powerlessness. Two aspects of self within.

The one aspect(powerful) within self tells - Not to feel and take charge. I can do better. There must be some ways to fix it….blah blah. Everyone has their own voice suppressing the other one.

This is how lower masculine has been playing within the human experience for centuries.

Suppressing the feminine to allow, to feel, to witness, to observe, to see, to hear.

No, you are weak. You can’t be this way.

Our inability to FEEL and hold space for us - is the biggest block in our own evolution and consciousness expansion.

With my own Journey and embodiment, I would tell you that this is the place where every piece of Courage is needed to embrace and love what has been denied for centuries if we truly wants to embody the highest frequency of Love and open our field to Receive more.

This is where the real strength is required to go outside the comfort zone not in outside world as outside is simply mirror.

Many will take the path of Ascension but, will go back to old world as unable to hold the courage to feel and accept the depth of their own being - THE DUALITY WITHIN.

We can experience the depth of joy in outside world as much as we allow ourselves to experience the depth of our inside world.

We can ascend higher as much as we allow ourselves to descend within.

This is the key to integrate the duality within and expand the consciousness in accelerated ways.

This is the key to dissolve judgements within and creating new realities outside by holding new frequencies within.

There is no short cut to it.

Emotions are the foundation of everything on Earth.

Every planet has its foundation in something that it offers as experience ground for Soul journey.

For Earth - It is Emotions.

The souls come here to experience the journey through emotions.

You wouldn’t be here otherwise.

Now, here is the other truth.

Everything is created with Love. Love is the foundational frequency with which everything is created.

That also means all emotions has its foundation in Love.

There are no good or bad emotions.

It is simply an energy that we experience in specific ways within physical body.

When we allow ourselves to hold space with this remembrance, we are able to integrate the parts of us stuck in low density realities faster.

This assist to neutralise the energetic field and call life force back enabling more energy for creation.

When we choose to ride with the wave of Ascension to anchor new earth and higher realms of realities - we are integrating everything within to hold more light and receive higher templates of existence to perceive new realities as an anchor pt for new earth.

This is how new earth is being created.

Open your heart beyond you have ever did.

There is so much potential that is available in that chamber.

This is the gateway to your new world.

That you are co-creating with your higher consciousness and Gaia.

And, remember - there is so much love for you.

Sending love to you from my heart


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