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As i entered into the shopping Centre today, I saw a new store opened. I had temptation to go inside, check it out and buy something.

Thoughts crossed my mind and then, I released them because I recognised they were not mine.

Have you ever entered in a restaurant and all of sudden felt to eat something which you never thought of before entering into that place?

You know - Why?

Each place or location has its own energy as Thought forms lingering around and if we are not conscious, we get sucked into what people have left in that area assuming it is ours.

We truly leave our frequency signature everywhere we go

With gap between 3D and 5D increasing so fast, it is important to DISCERN what is our truth.

What belongs to us or to others?

So that we can live and navigate from our own axis……rather than plugging into realities of others.

This is where true Freedom and Sovereignty is.

In any such moment-

Disconnect from 3D collective grid with Intention.

Breathe into your heart.

And, check in…if it is your or not.

Heart always knows the truth

With love,


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