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One of the most powerful embodiment on my journey has been letting go of the people and allowing my field to be transformed with no expectations.

Relationships of the new are purely based upon energetic resonance. That means if we don’t allow our selves to move forward, old energy remain stuck and new can’t come in.

We become block for our own growth and expansion.

3D relationships are full of identities and roles. These roles(personal or professional) simply creates expectations and behaviour to align with those expectations.

There is no place for them in the New Earth grid as it grounded in pure freedom of the being and nurture the best for all based upon energies.

People often get stuck with old due to their own emotional wounding and co-dependency.

Fear of losing or missing out of what they already have. The Lack Grid within.

Within families, friendships, work places, businesses, coaches, teachers….the list goes on.

When we are not capable of sourcing from within, we hang on to outside.

What we need to remember is - We never loose Energies. They simply transform and take another shape.

Once the space is created, it will fill up with other automatically when serve you. This is simply how the architecture of our existence works. ABUNDANCE Grid.

We are in powerful grid of evolution and expansion to bring more abundance and freedom in our lives.

And, this is not going to look or feel like what we had seen so far. We are venturing into new territory of Gaia which will take courage.

Allow yourself to be guided by your higher self.

And, have the courage to be the New that you are born to be.

With love,


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