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Releasing threads of the old consciousness to receive New🌎

We live within vibrational world which we experience in form of physical expression. With each physical thing, there is energy field attached that creates it. 

Our Reality is simply mirror of energy fields and frequencies we hold within our own personal energy space. 

One of the biggest grid that humanity is evolving from is - Rescuer-Perpetrator-Victim consciousness. 3D realities and matrix is created based upon these frequencies and you will find them at each corner. In physical relationships, In business, In organisations, In health industries etc. 

The other aspect of 3D that we are evolving is Duality. For example - The illusion of good and bad are created within 3D realities using R-P-V frequencies loop pattern. Until we break this chain within our own personal fields, we cannot access the complete freedom and New Earth platform of creation where everyone is anchored within full abundance of its own being. 

What i am sharing today is - Good side of things and how there is energies created using human emotions and good will to keep people attached to Rescuer Frequencies. 

For example- Charity, Volunteer work, Foundations and many Social Causes - all of them have same energy field attached to them. A group of collective coming to uplift the other group of collective. As long as we are attached and carry these vibrations within our own field - We will be locked within pattern of R-P-V. This is simply how matrix is created. Notice and be observer of your own Reality. When you take Responsibility for others, no matter who they are - you will encounter Perpetrator and Victim Consciousness within your own life. It may come outside as people, or just inner thoughts etc. 

We are evolving to beings who take full responsibility for our life and to embody that vibration, we have to release responsibility for others. This is only way we can create a thriving society where energies are balanced and everyone is able to create what they need for themselves.

If we are acting as Provider for anyone, we are projecting incapability on others. And, whatever goes out, comes back within vibrational world.

We have to remember that a soul chooses its reality for its own experience and specific purpose when it comes here. And, if someone has chosen what we perceive as challenge or struggle or poverty etc, we need to honour the free will of others. 

As you go through this transition, you will encounter many themes within societies that will start unplugging from your field and it may look like that you are moving out of current society and it is ok. You are always guided by your own higher self. As we release these threads, we can live in same world, but not of the world. That simply means - you will be able to anchor new Vibration of New Earth. And, once old energies are released, if you are meant to support anyone, it will come from your higher self and will have different consciousness. Something that you have to explore within your being and only can be found within your self as you are the gatekeeper for New Earth. 

It is also natural to release people, brands, organisations etc who are connected and creating using these old energies so let your own higher self guide you in this direction. It will always be tailored and personalised for you and your highest.

There is great love for you.


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