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Many of us has lived into this world with feeling of never being able to fit-in.

Because, we are the seed of the new.

We carry the codes of light within that belong to Ascended Gaia’s new world.

We came here to be the bridge between old and new world.

It is through our evolution and ascension journey, these codes are getting activated, integrated and then, released into the collective consciousness paving the path for new timelines that Gaia is anchoring.

Millions are Awakening from the amnesia that had plagued this planet for eons and Gaia is not available for lower consciousness of separation anymore.

The journey ahead can be paved with chaos fighting with what is happening or with conscious decision to move with new energies and planetary ascension timelines.

The chaos is inevitable as that is part of the process when a planet decides to move into another dimension. As old energies dissolve, anything physical created with them start dissolving as well. Destruction is another side of construction.

We can accept change as that is the truth of being on planet that is evolving or we will be left behind in 3D to continue soul journey on other planet. Gaia will not continue with 3D consciousness as it embody its higher expression with Golden age.

Choice is always ours to decide on the “free will” planet.

The Questions millions are asking - Who am i? What is my purpose? Why am i here?………are simply initiations from higher self to awaken and activate the deep remembrance within -

That we are the Active Participant of our own Evolution Journey.

The Reason we decided to incarnate ourselves to be here at this time.

What are you choosing?


Terra 🌹

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