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A Soul creates the force of resistance in life to divert its journey via least resistance path to its highest potential available.

When we tune to everything as energy, resistance is simply an energetic pattern that comes with opportunity to create awareness about the old ways and to open path for new ways.

As we transition from 3D to 5D, anything that is not aligned will be met by this energy even if it has worked earlier.

Because, at Soul level, our path are meant to be aligned with new energetic grid of Gaia that is anchored in higher frequencies.

From here onward, the path will be easy for those who would tune inward to receive the potential of resistance and co-create with it focusing on bigger picture and Soul mission.

This will require letting go of everything known and familiar to human mind as we are leaving behind the complete world to create a new one.

And, it can be created only with new energies and new frequencies of Gaia.

Receive gracefully,


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