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When we release all identities of 3D that has created separation and filters to relate to each other based upon Roles, Doing, and Having of the world, we find the deep connection of Soul with everyone and everything.

In that sacred space, the rhythm of heart becomes loud and we remember that we came here to experience ourselves through others.

We were excited to discover and explore the aspects of Source through others.

The potential of self that was presented through the consciousness in other form.

And, the opportunity to co-create something new with it.

Blending the magic of frequencies coming together to rekindle the love in new form.

This is the foundation of 5D New Earth Grid.

To Reclaim the purity of who we are and how we relate to everyone and everything around us.

As One big Family of Gaia.

And, it is exciting to feel these frequencies once again in my heart as gift of energies pouring over this moon.

Sending love to you all,


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