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Rise of human consciousness

As earth stabilise into new frequency of higher dimension, she is not taking many aspects of her into the new.

The process of releasing old energies at all levels is taking more space individually as well as globally.

What has been suppressed & hidden under the surface, is becoming available now to be seen, acknowledged & released.

This is simply Evolution process which is picking up waves on global level & will continue to rise.

Whatever we are witnessing outside, always has been there - we are simply seeing it now.

Physical reactions may cause frustration, anger, betrayal, rage, unfairness in all of its form as humanity navigate through this.

What is true at individual level, is also true at community, social or national levels.

It is also result of putting our Trust outside us. Whether it is Government, political systems, World economic systems, medical systems etc.

When we see our resources outside and create dependency on them for our day to day life, It is bound to break through as Ascension energies start raising the vibration of the planet. This is part of creating self-sustainable human.

All dependencies will show up in different ways to create an opportunity for everyone to really dig deeper within & see what is becoming available for them to let go, dissolve & thus, create space for new.

New Society can’t be created by human actions in physical as it is simply the mirror of energies we carry within.

Hence, the creation of new is leaded by consciousness itself through energetic patterns weaving together new structure.

This is beyond what human mind can ever perceive.

So, surrender to whatever arises within as you navigate through these times.

Let your own divine self shows you the way and your own individual task within everything that touches you deeply.

Everything is here for you🌹



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