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In 3D grid, with the hierarchical model ingrained within us, we have been taught to value others more than self.

To take the discomfort of others on self and go against our truth to maintain the peace and avoid the pain or suffering.

Not choosing what feels right for self and being afraid of saying NO to other to avoid hurting them.

Guilt and shame stands on the door knocking if we go down that path… if we are doing anything wrong.

I had been there many times processing these layers, surrendering to Soul path and calling my life force back from these grids of expectations that takes away our freedom and power.

As we travel the wave of ascension, it is natural for us to loose the resonance with people who may be dear to us or things we enjoyed once.

Soul evolves through relationships and continuously riding the wave of new frequencies to align with other souls who match its resonance.

With 3D programs, many move forward to choose new but at the same time, linger within old also.

Its like living in two worlds that creates conflicting energy within and challenge to stabilise frequency within one timeline.

Earth Relationships were never meant to be co-dependent holding people pleasing frequencies.

When we choose to align with our truth, it open the door for others to re-align themselves to the opportunities and energies they might have never even thought otherwise.

Our Soul contracts and agreements are designed to stimulate growth and evolution of everyone involved when followed with heart intentions. Its all part of divine plan.

Our decision in alignment to our truth may be challenging at times, but , it opens the new realities and timelines for everyone in the way mind can never conceive.

It re-arrange the hologram from within opening the door of newness that every soul desire.

If not honoured, the life of soul will never progress and remain stuck in same holographic reality which is contrary to what Soul came here for.

When honoured, It becomes Activator of our freedom and Sovereignty.

And, the freedom of others depends upon Activating it within us.

Choose YOU.

You are the Seed of New Humanity and New Earth.

Code it as you desire it to be.

By Becoming it.

With love,


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