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Security and Safety

3D human consciousness drives its safety and security from planning the future and knowing what is coming ahead. It gives the opportunity to mind to prepare everything that is needed to create security.

In Energy based dimension, everything is created from here and now. The energies for whatever is required becomes available in each Now moment. This may seem just a concept for you at the moment but your divine self is leading you towards it.

Complete Freedom.

This may also seem very exciting idea and it is. At the same time, it leads to complete dissolution of many structures based upon time, & safety outside. And, it can be very fearful for mind as it starts loosing all threads of controls that has been put in place.

If you feel ready to open this reality and letting go of the old, Intend and decide for yourself. Your own consciousness is leading the road ahead now for you and let it show you step by step what needs to be resolved within and what new is becoming available.

Allow the abundance of time & space to your own transformation which will slowly

start moving you outside physical rigid structures to complete freedom.



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