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More we release the 3D layers and free our being from predefined 3D templates and realities, we find the magic in simplicity.

The Soul desires to dance with the flow of universal energies and inter-connectivity of all.

The 3D collective grid holds the templates of struggle and hard work due to years of history that is based upon lack and war consciousness.

Many are carrying these imprints for transmutation to birth the new foundation on simplicity, ease and flow for collective.

The old realities are anchored into beliefs like -

- If it is easy, it has no Value.

- If I don’t hard work, I am not worthy to receive the abundance.

- How it can be so good ? Too good to be true.

- And, many more.

Humanity has been brainwashed to flow against their own current by creating many holographic projections.

This becomes a big block for Receiving anything effortlessly.

Once we become aware and start Questioning our own actions, behaviours and thought projections - We are able to transmute them layer by layer to expand our receiving capacity by tuning into the flow.

We are not meant to engage and analysis these realities and fix anything. We are simply here to transmute them so that we can anchor new frequencies.

And, when we do this consciously, we create timelines with synchronicity and magic becomes integral part of our existence.

We simply move into other parallel reality already available.

Abundance is our birth right.

And, it is available into the simplicity of our existence outside the 3D collective grid.

If you are ready to explore your inner world and Activate your mission to anchor New Earth - We invite you to co-create with me and councils of light to take the journey of evolution and ascension.

Receive gracefully,


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