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Co-creation and connection with non-physical is great.

But, the greatest gift of my life are people here with me in physical and our deep connection.

Who can meet me where I am.

Who understand me, enrich me in so many ways, who can hold space for me no matter what is going on outside.

Magic becomes real when we honestly and truly follow our path and our inner guidance.

And, yes, in the moment- sometimes, it make no sense. This is how we re-connect to trust within.

I started alone few years back and with time - i found so many standing with me. My partner, My blood family, Soul sisters who has been with me in other lifetimes.

All are blessings of my life.

This is what the New Earth mission is.

Being New Human and it all begins with us.

One by one, coming together 🙏

With love, I celebrate me and all of us together ❤️🥳🌎

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