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Consciousness is not right or wrong, good or bad.

It simply - “IT IS”.

I am that I AM. The Existence.

Until we are playing the game of duality in separation, judgement becomes our way to navigate the realities.

Realities are simply realities. And, every reality is a Valid Reality.

The Existence in different structure, different configuration or diff geometry.

Once we rise above separation by unifying everything within, we navigate Duality with Love.

We start seeing everyone and everything as another side of same Dice….like a cube.

We remember -

what we share, we are.

What we say, we are.

What we speak, we are.

What we hear, we are.

Everything is arising from within. There is nothing and no one outside.

This is the path of “I AM” for the New Earth leaders who are called to become the Pillar of Light for Gaia.

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