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Council of light once told me - “Dear one, every ascended master has gone through the realms of Earth to experience and anchor the higher realities of this planet”.

More i worked with ascension energies to descend them through the body, I realised the deep connection between human body and the planetary body of Gaia.  

I had been initiated to hold higher energies and frequencies through the realms of body and how to convert that energy into the physical matter through Earth Star portal in alignment with timelines that Gaia is anchoring.

In order to do so, i had to take journey to heal the physical body & emotional body to re-write the nervous system which started upgrading the mental body itself.

The whole process was taking me deeper into my body(& planet) and creating more safety, security and abundance from within.

Deeply held within Earth Star portal. Within womb of Gaia.

We can source infinite light from our Soul Star Portal but our creations within Gaia’s higher realms are co-creation of that source light with the planet light matrix.

Once the light from above and light from below gets integrated - new matter is formed.

And, this matter is manifested as physical body first. Because, we are the energy taking form of matter to experience the planet.

This is what is becoming available in next stage of evolution for humanity.

This is how we will anchor - Complete Safety, Security and our connection to prosperity grid of Gaia which will unlock the realm of freedom where Souls can come to this planet to experience its divine beauty and creation.

As a child is provided within womb of mother, each Soul is provided everything that is needed within womb of Gaia - within planetary home.

And, this is state of consciousness that can be activated only through the unlocking and embodiment of crystalline light technology(human body), the treasure we hold.

This technology is coded with vibrational keys that opens the portal to manifestation and all realms within multi-universes.

4D platform is enabled with quantum technology to facilitate the evolution of consciousness and raising the vibration of love so that this light technology can be fully activated for 5D creations.

I am sharing this message because -

The platform and frequency of creation is shifting with new vibration of Gaia. The pathway to next timeline is the journey through the body.

That means - the days to abuse the body, to push it, to force for anything, to command it, to expect it in certain way are OVER.

It is the body that is taking biggest shift to become the new matter through the evolution process.

“Our relationship with body is our relationship with matter and reflection of everything else in material manifestation. There is no separation.”

New energies will highlight every pattern that is not in alignment and call forward complete surrender to the wisdom of this vessel that is part of our own consciousness.

Explore the edges.

Where we have expectations from the body?

How much do we trust the body?

How much in allowance we are with our body?

How our body communicate with us?

All are reflection of self and our relationship to this planet, the home.

With love,


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