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I still remember that day.....when i was sitting judging myself for all my judgements.

Thinking - so many of them. How the hell i would ever feel love? What is the point of any outer results if I don’t feel differently or if i need all them to feel good.

Having achieved so called social mark of success long time back - I knew deep down if I can’t feel differently, no matter more i add in my life, I would still be stuck in same timeline within same reality.

Our mind may creates illusions of Success but deep down in our heart, we all know what we truly desire.

For me, it was deep connection with myself and others. And, I was craving for inner freedom which was simply a subtle feeling at that time. I didn’t even knew what it will lead to.......all i know was - i wanted freedom from all these thoughts which doesn’t make me feel good about myself or others.

I remember asking Qs to Arcturian Council of light in my first session, “How do i change my beliefs....i had so many to change that if i go by writing them each day - it will take my whole life”

And, their answer was simple - Self Love and Acceptance is the path to alchemise everything with ease and grace.

This is when i started ACCEPTING all judgments in my field and started co-created with them rather than judging them or change them or fix them.

Love, Surrender, and acceptance allowed me to enter into different timeline of co-creation where lower frequencies started alchemising and new frequencies started integrating shifting my thought patterns.

And, one day, i was shown in my vision -

“how i chose certain soul themes to transmute for my personal and collective evolution as part of my mission.....And, these realities were creating experience of lack in my life.

At the same time, i also chose to bring some people at specific time in my life who has the codes I needed to activate higher version of realities in my field.

I was shown how we always bring our team with us. And, together, we have everything that was needed for our life and mission here. It is until we remember that we are ONE, we may perceive them separate outside us”.

This changed my relationship with everyone who triggered me. They became part of my team.

I co-created with every thought and every emotion that came my way to invite more of love and freedom.

Due to separation and dualistic nature of reality - we may feel triggered until we release polarity from our field and its part of the evolution and ascension process.

Everyone goes through it. There is no other way around.

However, we have choice to choose our own journey and co-creation with everything.

When we open ourselves to invite everyone and everything as messenger of love to embody the gift of our heart and Soul - We open the door of realities where we become the love and everything outside starts reflecting it.

This frequency not only gives us the abundance in outside world but also opens our heart to experience and feel that abundance at deeper level.

I am so grateful for accepting and surrendering to every invitation i have ever received to choose more of love.

And, all the blessings it brought to truly live my life with deep freedom, joy, creativity, passion, service and compassion. The gift of being here

New Earth frequencies has opened a different path of evolution for those who are here to serve the collective with their heart frequency.

And, this path is available for those who has the courage to choose love and service to their own being.

Because, they know deep down - “Their frequency is the gift”.

Allow Love to enter into your hearts like never before.

And, see the magic of how beautiful life gets to be

With love,


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