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It is interesting to observe how evolution and ascension has expedited over last few months.

The future timelines are merging with past creating new timelines and realities to anchor new frequencies and opening new doorways for humanity and Earth.

No matter what it looks on the surface, if you are tuned to the energies of everything - you can see the foundation is being prepared for what is coming ahead.

Next year is bringing energies to merge dimensions like never before.

The veils will be lifted from so called “other side of the world” making it new normal for those who are ready to receive it.

Those who are on 4D, will start experiencing 5D platform in new ways. The access points will become more physical.

There is only one path from here.

Path of inner compass.

Path of heart consciousness.

The journey of the Soul to become Integrated Divine Human.

Tune inward.

Be present to what is going in inner world.

Remember- Outside is simply Reflector as Mirror.

With love,


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